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Words Of Infinite Wisdom Part Two: Who Are You Writing For?

By Posted in - Writing Advice on April 22nd, 2013 0 Comments

When you are writing an article have a specific reader in mind. Your best friend. Your Mum. The postman. Writing for a particular type of person, and being conscious of their tastes, lifestyle, worries and interests makes it easier for you to focus on what they are going to want to read, and how to write it. Aiming for an anonymous Everyperson means your writing will remain vague and, quite possibly, fail to hit any mark at all. So think. What matters to this reader? What keeps them awake at night? What makes them laugh? What life stage are they at? Tuning into their world enables you to be quite specific in the way in which you address your subject. Does this reader have a mortgage? Do they know their Tweenies from their Inbetweeners? Are they organic knit-their-own muesli types? Are they young and living to party or middle-aged and fretting over the paucity of good secondary schools in their area? Of course your reader may cover a large age range or a broad demographic. If so, what common traits do they share? Know your reader. Instead of thinking “I want to write an article about blah”, think about who is interested in blah and how you can write about blah in a way that they will find interesting and useful, or possibly entertaining. If you write for everyone you’re doomed to be read by no-one. And writing for yourself? Well, that’s what blogs are for.


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