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If you’re thinking it’s insensitive to try and get press coverage during a global health crisis, you need to think again. The impact of Covid-19 on our lives is huge on many levels and in ways that change on a daily basis. People are therefore crying out for advice, information, services and products to help them navigate their way through – and they need content that makes them feel good too.

What is the media looking for?

As the news agenda constantly changes, advice is needed on how to interpret it and apply the changing circumstances to our own lives. Subjects that are in hot demand include: finance, pensions, tax, insurance, mortgages and legal issues. Business strategy. Travel – what to do about current bookings, whether to book a holiday for later in the year, etc. Gardening, interiors and DIY – while people are stuck at home, what guidance and products can you offer for the home-improvers? Medical and wellbeing issues. The challenges of working from home are huge – how can you help? Retail habits – what’s selling, how to improve your online offering etc. How to use your lockdown time and how to stave off boredom. Clever ways to save or make cash.

Are your premises/machinery/staff being used for the Covid frontline effort? Did you ditch your job the week before lockdown? Did you have the virus and then discover a whole new lease of life? Has lockdown forced you to turn your side hustle into a full-time business? Is your business thriving or struggling in lockdown? Have you invented a brilliant app that helps families or businesses or lonely singles? Has your love life improved in lockdown? Dig deep and think about how your personal story could help and inspire others. In a broader sense, the media is always hungry for triumph over adversity stories.

People want to know that, in spite of the disturbing daily news bulletins, help is on its way via innovation and ingenuity. You may be providing new and innovative products and services to help the general public, businesses or key workers during the pandemic. If these include medical, wellbeing, tech or education services the public will be keen to learn about this. Equally, people are desperate for ways to improve fitness, sleep, and stress levels. Anything that addresses boredom, family life, home schooling, socialising and dating is also in hot demand.  

How have you changed your business to serve your clients during lockdown? Think: new service, format, members’ club or product, eg online classes, takeaway services, deliverable cocktail boxes, cartoon face masks etc. What advice can you offer other businesses about being nimble and inventive in order to keep providing a service to their clients and making an income?

The media is crying out for positive stories that give us all a boost. Companies or individuals who are doing something to help their community/key workers/struggling families/the elderly are particular popular. Also anything relating to pets, nostalgia, children, kindness, positivity, volunteering, community or positive family angles. Don’t forget that people also need a break from Covid-related content, so share happy/funny/uplifting news too. People want fun challenges, dog videos and things to make them laugh and connect with humanity.

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