The Greedy Book

In 2012 worked as a press consultant for The Greedy Book, a free website where you can make & share wish lists of the things you most desire from any online store. The Greedy Book subsequently got press coverage in Heat, Prima, Essentials, Top Sante and Cosmopolitan.

“Marina was brilliant at identifying what was interesting and appealing about my brand and business story and how to flex that for different publications. She has fantastic journalist side experience which gives her clients an invaluable insight, and has a great network of excellelnt contacts across the industry. She was integral to securing a substantial amount of great print features for the Greedy Book. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to get their name out there!” Charlie Webb (nee Cottrell), Co founder & Director, The Greedy Book


The Greedy Book was devised by sisters Charlie and Millie and evolved from a real greedy book their sister in law keeps in the kitchen drawer into which family members regularly stuff little gift ideas, so that nobody is caught short at Christmas and birthdays, Genius.