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Does your website do you justice? Do potential customers clearly understand the benefits of working with you? With years of experience in copywriting I can review your website, compare it to the competition and work out what will really make it sizzle, attract business and grab the attention of the press.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do clients often feel confused after visiting your website?

Are you fed up of people saying ‘Yes but what do you DO exactly?’

Do you rarely get work offers from people who don’t actually know you?

Is the range of services you offer hard to get across simply?

Could there be too much information on your home page, with not enough of a call to action?

Maybe you have evolved business-wise and the messaging needs to be updated?

Let me help you. With ten years’ experience of writing web content, I have recently introduced a new service: The Home Page Clinic. I take a look at your home page content (and the rest of your website) and help you replace the confusion with clear, welcoming messaging that establishes your expertise, attracts the press and drives clients to buy.

It’s not rocket science, but I’m good at it. Want to know more? Contact me at


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