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What On Earth Can You Write About This Week?

By Posted in - Blogging Advice on May 13th, 2013 0 Comments

Starting your business blog all guns blazing, full of good intentions, is one thing. But keeping it going after week five or six is quite another. And after week 30? That’s another story. What can you write about, week in, week out? If blogging for your business is essential (and for most businesses that goes without saying), after a few weeks you’re in danger of running out of ideas. And that’s when you really need to tune into your reader. Who are they? What drew them to your blog in the first place and what will make them stay? You know instinctively what their real concerns are, so don’t waste your time writing about Big Themes that sound impressive but ultimately fail to satisfy. Steer clear of formal language that sounds impressive but says nothing. Tune right into what your customers/readers really want and need to know. Their fears, their questions, their business needs. What do people always ask you when you tell them what you do? What are their underlying worries and (perhaps unexpressed) insecurities? What is stopping them, ultimately, from spending money on your product? Don’t be afraid to tell them again why they need you. What unspoken issue lies at the heart of their reluctance to click the button that says ‘buy now’? They possibly don’t quite (yet) believe in the need to spend money on your product. What nugget of information will change their minds? Giving them answers to questions they didn’t even know they were asking will make them feel like you truly understand them. Emotional intelligence is all. You know what your customers need even better than they do, and that’s what will bring them back – week in, week out.


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