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Keep your business blog jargon-free (and your readers hooked)

By Posted in - Blogging Advice on May 6th, 2013 0 Comments

One of the biggest mistakes business bloggers make is writing in the jargon of their industry. Concepts and processes that to you may seem a doddle will not be so straightforward to your reader, and the same goes for jargon. Think about it. You have spent years developing your knowledge. Your readers, however, may be trying to get their heads round it all for the first time. So while talking down to them is a no-no, you also don’t want to assume that they know as much as you and therefore speak the same language. Otherwise why would they be reading you? As an expert in your field, you’re imparting wisdom and advice in a way that any of your potential customers can understand, which means your blog shouldn’t require a dictionary to make sense of it. If, for example, you’re an acupuncturist, your clients won’t know their ‘pressure points’ from their ‘meridians’, so while you may need to refer to these, it’s essential to find a way to make the information easy to grasp. Where appropriate, offer examples readers can relate to (see what I did there?). This helps make abstract concepts tangible and demystifies the nuts and bolts of your profession. It also makes the reading experience infinitely more interesting. If, in the blog of a professional sub-editor, they started talking about ‘leading’ and ‘typos’, you’d feel a bit lost, right? And no wonder. Because your blog isn’t an opportunity to show off what you know – it’s a service. Ever had a genuinely clueless client? Then pitch your blog to them. Spell things out and simplify. And keep those sentences short and snappy.


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