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If you met someone at a party and they asked you to tell them about your line of business would you start quoting statistics and dry facts at them? Or lecture them so they panic about their woeful lack of knowledge? Or blether on for three hours without letting them get a word in edge-ways? Hopefully not, unless you want to be left talking to yourself in a corner like Norma No-Mates. Well just like your new party acquaintance, the person reading your blog needs to be won over and entertained. What reason are you giving them to continue the conversation rather than seek out a better one? Make your blog a good read, a bit of a surprise, a who-knew? a well-I-never. And avoid any of the following…


Rambling on verbosely for ages without really saying much will not make you popular. Who has the time to read it? Have a clear message and get to the point quickly. 300 words are plenty, 500 max.


Lofty tone

You want your readers to see how much you know – but not to feel small and stupid. Love your readers (or at least like them), show you’re competent but don’t show off, and share advice they can act on.


Bad grammar

Nothing says ‘don’t trust my advice’ quite like a misplaced apostrophe or a sentence that doesn’t make sense. Re-read it a few times and use Grammar Check. No excuses.


Boring for England

Amazing how many blogs are just a bit blah. Make sure yours stands out from the crowd. Connect with your readers, put yourself in their shoes, think their thoughts and answer their most pressing questions. Do this and you will not be dull.


Lack of humour

However heavy your subject, a lightness of tone is essential to lift your blog and make it an easy, fluent read. Be dry, be wry, be irreverent. Joke about yourself, an (anonymous) ill-informed delegate at a conference or the Bank of England. But don’t be bitchy.


Stating the too-obvious

If other bloggers cover your subject area you need to make your blog different. So try to avoid stating the obvious unless you can give a genuinely unique spin on it. Or better still, say something totally new.


What are your bugbears when it comes to bad blogging? I’d love to hear your comments.


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