Journalist, copywriter, ghost writer, press consultant, co-founder of… just what exactly does Marina Gask do? All of the above, but not usually simultaneously. With a long career in magazine and newspaper journalism, Marina moved into copywriting and press consultancy over 10 years ago. She has written for The Telegraph and Marie-Claire, and edited consumer magazines like Sugar and Top Sante, as well as customer magazines like Weight Watchers and John Lewis Edition.

Since co-launching, the platform and members’ club for ambitious and entrepreneurial midlife women, Marina’s increasingly become an expert in ageism, career change, workplace wellness and career reinventions, especially for over-50s women. As part of her press consultancy work, she loves collaborating with female entrepreneurs whose work improves the lives and businesses of fellow women. Advising them on press strategy – from attention-grabbing books to zeitgeisty campaigns and even timely new services that will better match the needs of their clients – is truly a labour of love.

When it comes to copywriting, apart from collaborating closely with clients to write website copy and press releases that truly reflect their brilliance, Marina’s big passion is taking a client’s existing home page and working out why it is leaving their customers confused. “This is an incredibly common problem, especially for those with portfolio careers. Some people have written their own copy and added too much unnecessary detail. In other cases there have been umpteen updates reflecting a fast evolving business, but with no coherence. Or their business message has become confused over time due to the changing needs and tastes of their clients. I can help, making your home page clear and welcoming, showcasing your expertise in ways your clients will understand, with compelling calls to action”.

For more information contact Marina at

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